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airplanes - phan
unedited -

"Can this line go any slower?" Dan Howell muttered to himself as he waited to board his plane to Los Angeles. The 20-year-old was moving; after living in the hustling streets and non-airconditioned houses of London, he decided some sort of change would be necessary. And what better way to start by moving to the one and only LA?
"Passport and boarding pass, please," a stout woman demanded, hands on her hips. Dan knew better than to make a rude comeback, so he instead just handed over the two items without a word.
"Enjoy your flight," the lady plastered on a small smile, and Dan replied by saying "thanks" and returning the sentiment. With that, he took his belongings and headed to board the plane.
Dan ended up finding his seat in the center of the plane. Of course, out of all the seats, Dan just had to get a middle seat. Great.
Not wanting to put himself in a bad mood before the ride even started, Dan decided to put on some music that would relax him.
"Excuse me," a v
:iconawkwardlyamerican:Awkwardlyamerican 8 2
From The Time We Were Young
Summary: Dan and Phil were friends since they were five. Progression of their love.
Warnings: None : )
Genre: Fluff
AGE 5:
Phil sat cross legged with Dan at the playground. They sat in the grass, Dan picking at small pieces of the green grass below them. Phil was telling Dan a story that he saw on TV the day before, with Dan nodding and making little grunts to show that he was listening. Though Dan was only five while Phil was six, Phil figured Dan was a pretty good listener, and he was always there when he needed someone to talk to.
“And then they all lived happily ever after.” Phil finished, and Dan looked up.
“You’re a good story teller, Phil…” Dan said softly, and Phil grinned, loving it when Dan complimented him.
“Thanks, Dan! You are too.” The two sat in silence, picking at small pieces of grass and letting the warm, spring breeze wash over them. It was surprisingly sunny that day in England, and it was absolutely perfect.
:iconthephandomismylife:ThePhandomIsMyLife 4 5
Phan- 'Deaf'
An eight year old Dan skipped happily around the school playground as he played with his two best friends, Chris and PJ. It was the beginning of the autumn term, and Dan was just happy to be back with his friends. As the bell went to tell everyone to go and line up outside the appropriate classroom, a teacher took Dan aside.
"Dan, would you like to do me a special job?" The kind voice of the head teacher asked. Dan nodded, and she led him to her office. "There's a new boy joining us this afternoon, and I wanted to see if you wanted to look after him,"
"Okay," Dan agreed,
"The thing is, he's deaf, so you won't be able to communicate with him very well,"
"I trust that you'll make him feel very welcome, and that you will make sure that he is happy," Dan nodded, and went back into his classroom.
"Class, this is Phil. He's deaf, but he's very friendly, and I'm sure any communication barriers will be broken down pretty quickly," The class teacher announced. She signed a few words to Ph
:iconjamiefizzy:JamieFIZZY 195 118
Phan: The Balcony Scene - Oneshot
Phil's POV
"Excuse me, have you seen Phil anywhere?"
"Uh, nope, sorry."
"Fuck. He's got to be around here somewhere."
As soon as I heard Dan leave the balcony and enter the apartment, I sighed heavily and pulled my legs to my chest. Thanks to the huge, thick tablecloth draping over the outside table, I couldn't be seen. I didn't want to be seen.
We were having a party at our apartment. It was the fifth of November. Dan had always said that it was an important event, even though it never really had an exact importance or reasoning. It was probably so 'important' because it was an excuse to get drunk. But it didn't feel right. I didn't want to be in my own home. All these people I didn't even know were flooding my whole apartment and I didn't like it. So, what did I do? I hid. I needed to get away from everyone, especially Dan.
Dan and I had been together for six months. The first couple of months had been great. Sleeping together, someone to cuddle up to, being able to kiss the m
:iconihaveamoustache:IHaveAMoustache 135 31
Hurt - Phan
"Hey Dan, wanna play sonic with me?" Phil asked sitting on the sofa, Dan sighed
" go ahead, I'll be in my room," Dan muttered. Dan hasn't been himself lately, school was bumming him out, he hadn't had a proper conversation with his family in weeks, his father never accepted the way Dan was, Dan was Bi and his father didn't like that. Dan didn't have a girlfriend or boyfriend but his dad still didn't like it. His dad could tell Dan liked Phil, wither if was best friends or more than friends his dad could tell, and he still didn't like it. Dan felt that his family was caring less and less with each day. His mum stopped calling, him and his brother never really got along all that great, his father practically hated him.
So he just gave up on trying to call them for a chat, he'd just sit in his room on his computer. Which is where he went now, Dan laid down on his bed, he couldn't explain exactly what he was feeling, Depressed? Stupid? Lame? Unloved? Confused? He didn't know, all h
:iconphil-and-dan-lover:Phil-And-Dan-Lover 289 144
Paper Cuts - Phan
Title: Paper Cuts
Pairing: Phan
Author: EmzSwigglez
Genre: Angst
Rating: 12?
Warnings: Selfharm
Disclaimer: I (sadly) do not own Dan/Phil!
Saying the atmosphere wasn't awkward would be lying.
I sat, breathing heavily, watching him stare down at the words roughly scratched over the paper. The thin, delicate paper that I'd given my feelings up to, every second of emotions was there.
The paper was inside a book. A diary. My diary. My haven.
He was looking in on my tragic world, where I wasn't the awkward boy standing in the corner. I was the main subject, the sob story, the blazing sun in the depth of night.
Daniel gradually moved his glance up towards me. I had no idea what he'd just read.
We'd been sat cross-legged on the floor facing eachother for an hour. My diary had fell from my pocket when I'd returned back to our shared dorm.
Dan didn't like me. He'd told me many a time of how he'd prefer to be with Tom and Charlie down the hall.
I was the tragic, silhouette taking up his e
:iconemzswigglez:EmzSwigglez 455 369
You Belong With Me - Phan
You're on the phone with your girlfriend ‒ she's upset,
She's going off about something that you said
'Cause she doesn't get your humor like I do.

Phil was sitting in his bed, talking to his girlfriend on the phone. She is arguing with him because he cancelled their plans to hang out with me, we had been friends longer and had this hang out just us time planed for a while. You could say she doesn't like me because Phil talks about me a lot when she is around. "That was a joke! You don't have humor like Dan...I was just stating a fact babe!" Phil said into his phone while throwing his free hand up into the air. It was true, I understood his jokes and she didn't and she'd get mad at him.
I'm in the room ‒ it's a typical Tuesday night.
I'm listening to the kind of music she doesn't like.
And she'll never know your story like I do.

I took Phil's phone from him, "He's busy," I said hanging up the phone, Phil had the moment of panic flash into his eyes. I just hung
:iconphil-and-dan-lover:Phil-And-Dan-Lover 102 42
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